Buckroe Beach

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Buckroe Beach

Buckroe Beach, Hampton, VA, USA


Fishing permitted from The James T. Wilson Fishing Pier



Swim buoys show designated swimming areas



Lifeguards are on duty between Memorial Day and Labor Day from 10 AM until 6 PM



Leashed pets are welcome only from September 15th through May 15th



Fishing, Swimming, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Picnicking, Sandcastle Building



Lifeguards, Restrooms, Playground, Fishing Pier, Picnic Tables



Free admission



Free to park at the beach

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Buckroe Beach is a neighborhood public beach in Hampton, Virginia. It sits on the Chesapeake Bay and boasts almost a mile of clean, sandy beach and various fun activities. In this guide, we'll tell you all about one of the best beaches in Virginia!

If you're looking for a great beach to hang out at with family or friends between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Buckroe Beach is the place to go. It's also a lovely place for solo beachgoers. You can't go wrong visiting this pristine, beautiful seaside destination.

Buckroe Beach History

“Buck Roe” started as a plantation in 1619 for English settlers who worked at the Virginia Company of London. This company was responsible for teaching colonists grape and silkworm future.

Different establishments shaped the community and beach's history as the years passed. In 1883, Mary Ann Dobbins Herbert opened a boarding house and public bathhouse for tourists.

Buckroe became a summer resort for wealthy Virginians. Then, the beach quickly became a popular destination for those looking to escape the city's heat.

In 1897, an electric trolley car line, hotel, dancing pavilion, and amusement park were established. Unfortunately, racial segregation caused a divide during this time.

In the 20th century, the Amusement park was torn down. However, the bathhouse, now known as the Buckroe Beach and Park Association, is still standing.

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel destroyed The James T. Wilson Fishing Pier. It was rebuilt in 2009 and is now a popular spot to enjoy the panoramic view of the Chesapeake Bay.

Buckroe Beach and Park continued to be a favorite destination for beach lovers throughout the mid-20th century and still is today. Many people enjoy riding their bikes and strolling along the beach. They also enjoy swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and enjoying watersports.

Where to Stay

While you won't find many hotels right at Buckroe Beach Park, there are several further inlet. Many of them are conveniently located off Highway 64, with many shops and restaurants close by.

If you prefer to stay next to the beach, you can find several vacation rentals nearby.

Beach Attractions

With a long beachfront and well-equipped park, Buckroe Beach offers plenty of activities to enjoy. There's something for all kinds of beachgoers, whether you're looking to relax, get adventurous, or a mix of both.

Here are some of the beach activities and attractions you can find at Buckroe Beach:

  • Water equipment rentals for jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards
  • Scheduled jet ski tours
  • Sandcastle building
  • Local sea life
  • Beach essentials, including beach chair rentals, snack carts, and cold beverages
  • Picnic shelters
  • Boardwalk
  • Fishing pier
  • Playground

There are also many other conveniences, including free parking, beach shuttles, restrooms, and lifeguards on duty.

Beach Guidelines

There are guidelines to ensure you have a safe and fun time at Buckroe Beach and Park. For more information, you can chat with the very friendly beach staff.

  • Feeding wildlife isn't permitted.
  • The beach closes during inclement weather.
  • No swimming beyond the swim buoys.
  • No personal watercraft, fishing, or scuba diving equipment is allowed.
  • Beach fires are prohibited.
  • No alcohol on the beach.
  • Leashed pets are only allowed from September 15th to May 15th. They're prohibited during other times of the year.
  • Service animals are welcome at all times.
  • No tents, styrofoam coolers, balloons, or portable gazebos.
  • Skateboards and bikes are only allowed on the paved bike path.
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