Muir Beach

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Muir Beach

Muir Beach, CA, USA


Swim at your own risk, no designated areas or lifeguards



Pets that are leashed or under voice control are welcome



Sunbathing, Hiking, Birdwatching, Photography



Hiking Trails, Restrooms, Picnic Tables



Free to access



Free parking lot next to the beach

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If you're looking for a beach that boasts beautiful Pacific Ocean scenery, look no further than Muir Beach. It's one of the best beaches along the California coast and offers a little something for everyone. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Muir Beach.

This magical area located along the Pacific Coast is a beach, quiet cove, and lagoon. While it's not great for swimming, it's a local's favorite for relaxing, exploring, and appreciating the views.

Continue reading to learn all about Muir Beach's history, activities, accommodation options, and common questions.

Muir Beach History

Muir Beach's history is a quintessential story of humans and natures. Over the years, the area has displayed various habitats, from coastal bluffs and native bunchgrass to a freshwater lagoon and an expansive coastline.

The diverse habitats have made way for many different animals and wildlife that make up Muir Beach. It used to be a wild place on the California coast with bald eagles, bobcats, mountain lions, and more.

Eventually, what is now Muir Beach became known as Bello Beach after a Portuguese settler named Antonio Bello. According to an old legend, Mr. Bello bought the entire hillside of the beach for a $10 gold piece.

Redwood Creek was modified in the following years, and a levee downstream of Pacific Way was created. There was also an old tavern-turned dance hall and cottages, which are no longer there.

As the 1800s progressed, more and more Portuguese immigrants flooded the area now known as Muir Beach. Those traveling from Europe were primarily Azoreans, people who hailed from the Azores, a cluster of islands off the coast of Portugal.

This flood of people led to a considerable amount of development, and the ecology of Muir Beach was adversely affected. Fortunately, California State Parks eventually acquired the beach. Over the years, efforts by the Park Conservancy and the National Park Service have positively affected conserving the beach's natural environment.

Today, the peaceful beach is a beautiful area with abundant wildlife and breathtaking views.

Activities & Attractions

Muir Beach is known for its incredible nature and picturesque scenery. There are several ways to explore all that it offers, including spending time on the shore, checking out the Muir Beach overlook, and hitting the trails.


The beach itself is a fantastic spot to relax and explore. There's plenty of room to spread out, and there's lots to see.

If you're simply looking to kick back and enjoy the sand and sun, there's ample space to hang out on the shore. If you stick around for sunset, you won't regret it! There are also fire rings along the coast to enjoy a bonfire from 9 AM until an hour after sunset.

You can also find unique rock formations and spot whales playing in the water along the beachfront. For the most wildlife, be sure to explore the nature trails.

If you're hoping to bring pets along, you're in luck! Muir Beach allows dogs that are on leashes or under voice control.

If you're interested in changing things up, clothing-optional sunbathers can head to Little Beach. This nudist-friendly beach area is at the northernmost end of Muir Beach and can be accessed from the same shore by crossing over the creek.

Muir Beach Overlook

The Muir Beach Overlook is a must-visit for anyone in or near San Francisco. It's a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is just past the Golden Gate Bridge on Highway 1.

This small overlook offers expansive views of the Pacific Coast, unique scenery of cliffs, and San Francisco in the distance. To get to the Muir Beach Overlook, you'll take the iconic staircase you've probably seen in pictures before. The walk is fairly easy and well worth every second.

At the top of the stairs, accessible from the parking lot, you'll find historical information signs. As you go down the stairs, you'll see the base station soldiers once used here.

Once upon a time, soldiers watched for ships along the coastline and coordinated between other Highway 1 overlook stations to figure out how far the boats were from the coast. After Pearl Harbor, the overlooks were especially used to watch for attacks.

Eventually, these stations were no longer used to watch the shore due to technology. Today, they're simply for enjoying the scenery.

The Coastal Trail

Another popular attraction near Muir Beach is the Coastal Trail. The Coastal Trail system offers a lot to see, including ocean views, birds, and monarch butterflies. There are various hiking trails for different skill levels with informational signs at trailheads.

You can take the trail to the beach or wander to the overlook trail and take in the scenery. There are also other sights along the way, including tide pools and a scenic cove known as "Tick Pool."

Muir Woods National Monument

Just a few miles from the beach is Muir Woods National Monument, a forested park with huge redwood trees, a visitor center, and more. Beachgoers also enjoy stopping here to explore more of nature's beauty, hike, and take photos.

Before visiting this site, you must reserve parking or transportation to the park. Learn more about that here.

Muir Beach Review

Muir Beach is amazing! Perhaps its only downfall is that it can get quite windy. So, layer up and get ready to enjoy nature at its finest.

This is one of the most spectacular coastal areas on the West Coast. From a unique rocky shoreline to unmatched sunsets to wildlife-abuntant nature trails and the overlook that offers breathtaking scenery, it doesn't get much better!

It's an excellent area for nature enthusiasts, children who enjoy exploring, and even nudist sunbathers in the secluded northern cove of the beach. Pets are welcome, too!

All in all, this is a destination you won't regret visiting that's filled with beauty, nature, and history.

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